Super Cool Sh*t – Made For: Chris Brown

Super Cool Sh*t – Made For: Chris Brown

The latest creation to enter our pallet of hand-painted customised designs for celebrities around the world; the ‘88 Black Leather Bomber, made for Chris Brown.

All our Super Cool Sh*t pieces are hand-painted by talented artist, Sara Sammakia, who successfully captures the interests of the star and BODA SKINS edge in her creative vision, every time.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the meaning behind the latest, and dare we say, boldest design yet…

With Chris Brown’s ‘Under the Influence’ tour underway, we were, ironically, influenced to create him a show-stopping jacket to take along on the journey with him and to star in his upcoming Manchester appearance this March. When you take a closer look, you’ll see elements inspired by Chris Brown's tour, combined with Manchester's skyline, and his love for Anime characters, Goku and Manga. 

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