INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY - Celebrating Influential Women in Fashion

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY - Celebrating Influential Women in Fashion

International Women’s Day celebrates all women, honouring their societal and economical achievements surrounding women's rights and the great impact they've had across the globe.

International Women's Day has had a profound effect in squashing dated ideologies around gender biases, yet unfortunately, there’s still work to be done. This year, the theme around IWD is gender equity and equality, which got us thinking of the incredible achievements of women within the fashion industry that can often go overlooked. 

Here, we celebrate the success of women in fashion, to serve as inspiration to others. 

Flo Ngala - Photographer 

Flo Ngala featured in this years ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ listing, gaining worthy recognition for her photography and most recently making history as the first black woman hired by Vogue to shoot the Met Gala. The term “first black” highlights a wider issue within the industry, calling for even greater celebration of Ngala’s work and accomplishments. 

Grace Wales Bonner - Fashion Designer

Recognition for Grace Wales Bonner’s designs grew at a rapid rate since the initial launch of her brand in 2014. Bonner’s collections are renowned for their representation of Black African diaspora, inspired by her heritage. Bonner interestingly combines inspiration from music, literature and culture; infusing black, history, fashion and culture into the mainstream. This has led her to receive multiple awards, from the LVMH Young Designer Prize in 2016, to the CFDA’s International Men’s Designer of the Year in 2021. Most recently in 2022, she was appointed an MBE for her services in fashion, further serving as an inspiration to females of all backgrounds. 

Jemma Tadd - Head of Fashion, eBay UK

If you know BODA, you know we’re slow fashion advocates. Since Jemma Tadd took on the role of Head of Fashion at eBay in 2020, she has made an unbelievable impact in pushing the company's credibility when it comes to sustainability, making pivotal changes within the business to encourage a more circular fashion industry. So far, success can be seen in sales of pre-loved clothes on the platform increasing by 20% year-on-year and the diversion of over 17,770 tonnes of textile waste from landfill in 2021 alone. There’s no stopping there, with the launch of ‘Imperfects’ in the Spring of 2022: an initiative which offers new designer items that are considered to have flaws, presenting consumers a more conscious way to shop. 

Nicole McLaughlin - Designer

Far from your usual fashion designer, Nicole McLaughlin, has found success in her passionate approach to up-cycling waste and creating sustainable designs. From transforming chipotle napkins into cargo trousers and camera bags into bralettes, there’s no doubt that her designs are eye-catching. Nicole's creativity encourages people to recognise the possibilities of pre-existing items, hosting regular workshops to educate young creatives and share her skills. 

Rihanna - CEO of Savage X Fenty 

Rihanna’s underwear brand, Savage Fenty, celebrates ‘fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity’, showcasing collections modelled by individuals of different sizes, genders and skin tones. Fenty campaigns for wider acceptance of varying representation in mainstream media and the fashion industry, serving as an inspiration across the fashion front.