Going Deeper: with Doug the Pug

Going Deeper: with Doug the Pug

GOING DEEPER: Presents the one and only, Doug The Pug.  
Born in 2012, and currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Doug is by far the most famous pug out there, with over 15 million followers across his social media channels. 
Not only can you enjoy a daily dose of Doug's sassy captions and quirky outfits through his Instagram page, you can also enjoy Doug The Pug apparel, Calendars, a Children's book and much more.
Doug's huge following has resulted in him mixing in some serious celebrity circles, and rubbing paws with A-list celebs such as; Billie Eilish, Shakira, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, John Legend, Cole Sprouse and Brendon Urie. 
One thing we know for sure, is that this Pug knows exactly what he's doing! 
We got the chance to ask Doug + Mum Leslie a few questions...
So Doug, you have over 13 million followers collectively on social media making you the most followed pug in the world...but where did it all begin? How did it all start for you? 

I gotta correct u there…I actually have over 15 million now! Hehe. It all started when my Mom made me social media accounts, and I went viral overnight! She quit her job to focus on it full time and it was all just meant to happen.

Success doesn’t come easily for anyone, what’s been the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome to become successful in the industry - have there been times where you’ve doubted yourself or felt it wasn’t something you wanted to do long term? 

A lot of people thought the concept of a famous dog was silly in the beginning, or creating a brand around a dog. But if you look at famous pets like Lassie, Garfield, Wishbone…it’s not silly at all!

You’ve been on TV shows,  published books and starred in a host of TV commercials in your time. What is the one thing that you’re the most proud of when you look back at what you’ve accomplished in your career already and why?

I’m really proud of all the times I have gone to the Children’s hospital! My goal is to spread happiness and make peoples’ day, and it really makes them feel special.

Here’s a question for mum Leslie, tell us what it’s like to work with Doug. Animals are notoriously known for having their moments in front of the camera when you least expect it. Have you ever had any funny mishaps with Doug? 

Hello! Doug is incredible in front of the camera, but we have definitely had unexpected and funny moments…for example, last week I had to lead a live workout class with Doug. He coughed in front of the camera when I introduced him as he had a piece of spinach stuck in his throat from dinner!

We know you’re good friends with lots of A list stars all over the world, who’s been your favourite person to meet and who’s been the most starstruck when they’ve met you? 

It was a huge moment to meet Shakira for us…she flew us to Barcelona and we even went to her beautiful home! I grew up listening to her so it was surreal. Ed Sheeran was so excited to meet Doug too!

It’s dog eat dog out there, what’s your advice to anyone who’s looking for inspiration to achieve their own personal goals? What do you and Leslie do to stay on track and focused?

I believe heavily in the law of attraction, so always write down your goals and manifest them in whatever way you believe works best for you.

What’s next for Doug the Pug? What does the future hold and have you anything exciting lined up you can tell us about? 

We have lots of fun things coming up that are secret (shhhh) but one of the most exciting is that Doug’s foundation will be up and running this year. It will help children with cancer and life threatening illnesses.

Whilst we’re with you we have to ask, how’s the custom BODA SKINS jacket treating you? We’re sure it gets you plenty of attention?!

Oh man…Doug’s leather jacket is without a doubt the best thing in his closet! It is beyond perfect!!!

Thank you so much for catching up with us, anything else you want to add?

We love BODA so much and hope we get to meet you all one day! Xo
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