BODA x Ginger Hamilton

BODA x Ginger Hamilton

Presenting Jonathan 'Ginger' Hamilton, the professional drummer taking the music industry by storm. Developing his skills on stage with the likes of Jessie J and Sam Smith. 

Heres an extract of Ginger's interview with Rhythm Magazine:

How did you first come into drumming?

"I was allowed to play from a very young age, which was amazing. I got to cultivate my talent, to be able to learn different styles and play in a band situation. My brother is a bass player so I was lucky enough to build a good relationship with a bass player early on too."

How do you fill free time on the road? 

"Sometimes if I haven't played in a few days i'll try and find a drum shop or a studio to rehearse in, then some days you just want to stay in bed all day and watch Netflix or get out and be a tourist- it completely depends how you feel."

How do you keep yourself grounded?

"Having good friends around you, good people thats what keeps you grounded. I don't take this for granted, you have to be grateful for the opportunities that come and conduct yourself in that manner." 

To view the full article, head to Rhythm Magazine. 

Hamilton wears the sold out 'KAY MICHAELS X'.

Instagram: @gingervilledrum




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